Comprehensive Cleaning

Also available - Winterizing, Shrink Wrapping, Custom Made Aluminum Boat Trailers

*Please empty out all compartments in vessel you want to be cleaned*
($30 fee for removing all items in boat - shop space, time to remove and replace)


Mobile | In-House | Pick Up or Drop Off

Marine detailing is by estimate only - packages are $/ft

Pick up or delivery with detailing package (pricing)
Custom designed and built aluminum boat trailers to fit all of your trailer needs. Contact

Professional boat detailing

Goes much further than simply cleaning your yacht, and is more important than simple aesthetic appeal. As a boat owner it's a constant battle against the elements. Sun, river and iron constantly attacks your paint, gel coat, metal, leather, vinyl and isinglass in a very harsh environment. Boats are an expensive investment and it only makes sense to look after them well so that they not only look their best, but so that you will be able to enjoy your boat for many years to come. We can handle everything – from a routine wash right down to a complete oxidation removal, paint/gel coat restoration and wax. Regularly washing off your boat or yacht goes a long way towards preventing unnecessary damage, however preventative protection will not only keep your yacht glistening, it will extend its life and reduce depreciation, simply put: "You've made a major investment, it makes financial sense to look after it."

Services Include:

• Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning available
• Mobile Detailing - Pick up and Drop off
• Transport Boats up to 30'
• Full Interior and Exterior cleaning
• High-Speed Buffing 3M
• Wax
• Polish 3M
• Oxidation Removal
• Swirl Mark Removal 3M
• Contaminate Removal
• Bottom Cleaning / Scum Removal
• Metal Polish
• Engine Clean and Detail
• Non-Skid Cleaning
• Canvas Cleaning
• Canvas/canopy water repellent & protectant
• Vinyl Cleaning and Conditioning
• Upholstery & Carpet Shampoo
• Scotch Guard Carpets
• Bottom Paint
• Trailer Detailing
• Prop Cleaning and Reconditioning
• Rim Ceaning
• Full Cabin Cleaning **Cabins must be emptied out**
• Compartment Cleaning **Compartments must be empty**

* Prices are subject to size of vessel
* Up-charge for excessively soiled or heavily oxidized watercraft

Leather & Vinyl Restoration

Upholstery cleaning, mildew removal and condition of all upholstery, leather and vinyl. Once our vinyl and leather cleaner has brought your upholstery back to its new condition, our vinyl and leather conditioner will insure they remain supple and protected against all elements.

Mobile Detailing

Wherever your boat or PWC is, that’s where we are. At the Marina, in your driveway, at your cabin, it doesn’t matter. We do pick-ups and drop-offs with your boat so you don’t go through the hassle of driving it all around just to get it looking good. We know in Minnesota your time on the water is limited due to the short summer season, so our mission is to get you on the water as fast as possible. All you have to do is give us a call or email us and we detail your boat at the location it’s at or we come pick it up. (May need electrical - mobile fee may apply)

Serving the metro and surrounding areas

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