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Marine shrink wrapping starting at $10/ft Materials are dependent on boat size

"The cost effective way to maintain your investment"

One Choice Detailing LLC is your local, one-stop-shop for all of your boat shrink wrapping, winterizing, detailing, and storage needs. We have been shrink wrapping boats in the Lakeville, Prior Lake, Minneapolis and the metro area for 4 years. We believe getting your boat ready for winter shouldn't consist of trailering it to multiple shops just to get it winterized. We get the job done right the first time.

There are two types of shrink wrapping methods for boats:

boat storage and boat transport. All of our shrink wrap has a minimum of 7mil thickness. We use 7mil shrink wrap to hold up through thick snowfalls and keep boats safe during transport. Seeing as we are in the Midwest we typically will use blue shrink wrap so the snow sheds faster and gives the support structure a lighter load. Our shrink wrap can hold over 275lbs per sq. ft. so if snow does build up our support structure can withhold it. We can include multiple vents and moisture bags to prevent mold buildup due to condensation upon request. (We include 1 vent in the pricing, additional vents and moisture bags are additional)


During the winter months depending on where you are storing your boat, it is extremely important to use a shrink wrap material that can withhold the heavy snowfalls. We build strong support structures, which may consist of 2x4's, nylon string, tensioning tools, belly straps, and buckles. This ensures that everything is snug and no damage will be caused. Improper support structures, loose support straps, and loose perimeter bands can cause the shrink wrap to cave in. We have all of the proper tools and equipment to ensure this will never happen. DIY or view our shrink wrapping procedure for storage


Preparing a boat for transport is a big step in keeping it safe during its travels. Just imagine all of the elements the boat is vulnerable to during its long trip; rain, tar, rocks, debris, ETC. its a good idea to take the extra step in protecting your investment. Shrink wrapping the boat for transport will minimize rock chips and keep the boat cleaner. Shrink wrapping a boat for transport is slightly different then shrink wrapping for storage, yet the concept is still the same. Once we complete the shrink wrapping we remove the wax along the perimeter line and tape the shrink wrap to the hull of the boat with preservation tape. We do this to prevent air from getting under the shrink wrap at high speeds which could cause damage. It is a good idea to have the hull detailed/protected or to apply a hand wax to the hull upon arrival. DIY or view our shrink wrapping procedure for transport


Labor and materials charged separately with the materials being taxable. Materials are dependent on boat size, typically add a few extra feet for materials on top of the boat size. For example, 18' boat we normally use an additional 3' on bow and 3' on stern also that is taking into consideration the support structure if applicable. An 18' boat would be $12/ft labor (boat size) and $2/ft (materials consumed) bow - stern or lower unit.

Shrink Wrapping Standard Price Chart for Winter Storage

Under 25' Labor: $12/ft Materials:$2-2.50/ft without arc, tower or fly bridge

Over 26' Labor: $14/ft Materials: $2-5/ft

PWC/Jet Ski Labor: $7/ft Materials: $2/ft

What does shrink wrapping consist of?

  • 7Mil 100% virgin resin shrink wrap

  • 12 month UV protection

  • Boat covers last YEARS longer

  • Support structure

  • Vents (additional vents $4 each)

  • Moisture bags/cargo dry packs (we add x1 for $8, if you want more please let us know)

  • Zipper access doors (request additional $)

  • Belly straps/bands

  • Tensioning tools

  • Heat tools

  • Transport - shrink wrap

  • Storage - shrink wrap

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