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We're also here to discuss which package option may be most beneficial for you and your needs. Travis can help you weigh the pros and cons along with giving you his professional opinion on a package to fit your budget and lifestyle. We try very hard to give accurate estimates and recommendations before seeing the vessel.

We're boat enthusiasts ourselves here at One Choice! We care about your prized possessions. We always take the least aggressive approach starting with (test areas) to find out which combination of buffing and polishing will give us the best results while removing minimal clear/gel coat. The main goal you want to remember here is to not compound/polish more than the boat needs. By doing this and maintaining your boat regularly, with the right tools, experience, and professional detailing products. Your boat will stay looking its best and stay protected throughout your summers on the water.

We have detail packages that include everything from basic washes to oxidation removal and gel coat restoration for a perfect luster and protection to set your boat aside from everyone else’s on the water. We can do a package or take an ala-cart approach if needed to fit your budget and style.

 Boat Detailing Packages

*Please empty out all compartments in vessel you want to be cleaned*

($30 fee for removing all items in boat - shop space, time to remove and replace)

Please Read
Boat condition on a scale from 1-10. 1 being in heavily neglected shape and 10 being in the best shape possible. This scale will represent the rating within the scale to be able to perform the service. If your boat falls within that range to the best of your judgment, we can confidently perform it ensuring the best results. This scale is to give you a general idea of the worst condition the boat can be in to make it look its best. You may still choose whichever package you think will fit your budget and needs but we will give you our professional and experienced opinion.
Supplies and materials charge will vary depending on the boat, package and buffing steps being performed. We have a $39.98 supplies and materials fee which is taxable on most full detailing and buffing packages for boats under 23'. For packages consisting of less materials consumed (interior detailing, exterior cleaning and non-buffing packages we have a $19.99 fee. We do not charge sales tax on marine labor, only supplies and materials.

Wash and shine

Boat wash and dry | nanocare spray wax

Non-abrasive boat wash with an additional Nanocare spray wax applied during or after drying for the ultimate protection and glossy shine

• Foam cannon bubble gum wash (swirl free)

• Single stage machine polish (in-depth swirl removal)

• Paint sealant

• Scratch removal (minor wet sanding)

• Headlight restoration

• Polish headlights and tail lights

• Spot buff (removes light scratches and contact paint from other objects)

• Engine detail

• Door jam cleaning and wax

• Trunk clean

• Vacuum (crevasses blown out with air gun)

• Interior deep cleaned with air gun, degreaser and special interior protectant (dash / doors / vents / cup holders / compartments / vinyl)

• Leather deep cleaned and conditioned

• Hot water extract or steam carpet / seats / floor matts

• Fabric protectant

• Special rim cleaning, wheel cleaning and wheel well cleaning

• Tire conditioner

• Trim shine

• Air freshener

• Window cleaning (streak free)

• Window sticker removal (upon request)

• Light bug and tar removal

Polish and wax

Great for newer/regularly maintained boats.

Boat condition on a scale from 1-10 must fall between the 8-10 range for the best results.

High speed machine polish for the ultimate luster | synthetic hand wax to protect and enhance shine even more | remove dock rash | exterior windows | boat and trailer wash

This is great for newer or regularly maintained boats. Quite often it is good for brand new boats because dealerships often times do not take the final polishing steps for the BEST finish, yet alone protection. If your boat is already in great shape, this package will the absolute best package for a PERFECT finish.

Basic detail

Ideal if your boat is not (oxidized or chalky)

Boat condition on a scale from 1-10 must fall between the 7-10 range for the best results.

Wash n' wax/dry | interior wipe down | wipe jambs | non-skid | windows | vac | spot cleaning | trash

The basic detail package is ideal if your boat is not (oxidized or chalky) and the interior is in decent shape. If you regularly maintain your boat or it just needs a good cleaning after a few times on the water this is perfect. This is a very cost effective way to stay tidy if you don’t have the time.

1-step full detail

Everything included in the full interior detail package | everything included in the 1-step cleaner wax or glaze package

Boat condition on a scale from 1-10 must fall between the 5-10 range for the best results.

This package is the same as our "full detail package - listed above" (without the multi-stage buff). We have this package as an option because some boats do not need the extra compounding step and we can produce very similar results with an all-in-one mild cutting polish and wax. The process and steps also remain the very similar.

Full detail

Everything included in the full interior detail package | everything included in the full gel-coat restoration package

Boat condition on a scale from 1-10 must fall between the 1-10 range for the best results.

This is our highest selling package and our most in depth full detail. You will need this package if your boat is too oxidized for the "1-step full detail package". If you just bought a boat the first thing you want to do is make it feel like yours, the first step to doing that is performing a heavy interior cleaning and restoring the gel-coat to the best of our ability. If you are selling a boat and want to increase your value on it, also the first thing to do is get it fully detailed. Therefor you sell faster and benefit more from the deal (leaves minimal room for buyer negotiations). This detail consists of a fully restoring the interior and exterior of your boat. This package is our "full interior package" combined with our "full gel-coat restoration package", which means we will get your boat to tip top shape. It’s safe to say, you have invested your money into owning something nice. It is a wise financial decision to protect it and keep it looking that way. Our breakdown is different for different sized boats. We start with washing the boat with hi PH soaps to strip the current wax. We then start the buffing and polishing process. This process can create dust so when we are done polishing we then detail the inside of the boat. Once the non-skid and interior detailing is completed we then give the boat and trailer a final spray down and dry again. Once the boat is dry we then seal and wax it to give it the highest gloss and utmost protection.

Full interior detailing

Full interior detail | Pressure wash & shampoo carpets | vac | vinyl cleaned & treated - including underside of seats and cushions | interior degreased & cleanied | windows | cubbies | pressure wash jambs

This package is a bow to stern full interior detailing. Something commonly overlooked are the bottoms and undersides of seats/cushions. We take the time to remove seats, clean the underside and clean around the jambs. This package will bring your boats interior back as close to what it looked like the day you brought it home as we can.

Full gel-coat restoration

(oxidation removal - full exterior detail)

Boat condition on a scale from 1-10 must fall between the 1-9 range for the best results.

Full exterior detail - Above & below rub rail | boat & trailer wash | multi stage machine buff | polish | wax | remove dock rash | chrome polish | exterior windows

(Heavily oxidized may be extra (or larger than normal areas))

Restoring your gel-coat is a multi-step buffing and polishing process that should only be done by professionals. Faded gel-coat is referred to as oxidation, if your boat looks white and chalky then this package may be what you need. We start with washing the boat with a high PH soap to strip the current wax. From there, the first step consists of performing test areas to determine the least aggressive approach on your boat to make it look its best. Once we have determined this we start by washing/prepping the boat and trailer for the compounding or aggressive polishing (whichever is needed). After the compounding is complete we need to remove the compounding haze and swirls by performing additional polishing step to restore the luster. After this we use a sealant on your boat to protect it from the elements.

Exterior one-step cleaner wax or glaze

(light oxidation removal and protection)

Boat condition on a scale from 1-10 must fall between the 7-10 range for the bets results.

Above & below rub rail | boat & trailer wash | machine wax or glaze to remove light oxidation | remove dock rash | chrome polish | exterior windows |

(heavily oxidized may be extra or consider full gel-coat restoration)

This is a full exterior detail. We recommend this package for boats that do not require the "full gel-coat restoration *listed above" while still offering similar protection. We buff the boat with a 1-step cleaner wax or glaze applied with a high speed machine polisher. This package will remove light oxidation, enhance the shine, and leave a glossy finish. Perfect for well maintained boats that want to stay protected and maintain a high gloss shine!

Exterior hand wax detail package

(boats over 21ft are by estimate)

Boat condition on a scale from 1-10 must fall between the 6-10 range for the best results.

Exterior wash and polymer wax | exterior windows | remove dock rash | chrome polish | trailer wash | swim deck

This package offers your boat PROTECTION through-out the summer months along with protecting it from damaging UV rays.

Services offered thought-out our boat detailing packages are:

• Full Interior and Exterior cleaning

• Wax

• Rim Cleaning

• Trailer Detailing

• High-Speed Buffing 3M

• Polish 3M

• Bottom Paint

• Cubby & Jam Cleaning

• Oxidation Removal & Compounding

• Metal Polish

• Scotch Guard Carpets

• Vinyl/Seat Cleaning and Conditioning

• Swirl Mark Removal 3M

• Engine Cleaning

• Upholstery & Carpet Shampoo

• Non-Skid Cleaning

• Bottom Cleaning / Scum Removal

• Window Cleaning

• Full Cabin Cleaning **Cabins must be emptied out**

• Contaminate Removal

• Canvas/canopy water repellent & protectant

• Canvas Cleaning

• Compartment Cleaning **Compartments must be empty**

• Pressure washing

• Water spot removal - charged separately


* Prices are subject to size of vessel
*Black finishes may require an additional step
* Up-charge for excessively soiled or heavily
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