Mobile Detailing | Pick Up And Delivery

Why our mobile unit?

Our mobile unit is equipped with a de-ionized water system for a soft and spotless free finish!

Mobile Detailing

Mobile Detailing and catering is a service One Choice Detailing is highly known for. We offer this service for the Lakeville area and majority of the Twin Cities. Our mission is to work at your convenience and on your time, not the other way around. It’s ultra convenient to have a professional detailer come to your business instead of having to drive to a facility. People are just too busy today keeping their lives organized welcome a service like mobile detailing or catering with open arms! Professional mobile detailers offer clients and their car or boat an awesome service and can perform services on their cars or boats that most individuals cannot do themselves. Today these investments are very expensive and need to be cleaned properly. Dealerships and owners understand how important resale and trade-in value is. Cosmetic maintenance is more important today than it has ever been in the past. (mobile fee may apply)


$25 (Under 25 miles) Our mobile service is a flat rate for automotive detailing, marine detailing and shrink wrapping.

* Please note: this service is variable dependent, WEATHER | BUSY SEASON / AVAILABILITY | SIZE OF JOB | LOCATION

(Automotive) pick up and delivery (Winter)
  • • 5-15 miles $20

  • • 15-30 miles $30

(Marine) pick up OR delivery with service 
  • • Up to 15 miles $30

  • • Up to 25 miles $60

Serving the metro and surrounding areas

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