Hid/Led Terms And Conditions

We Professionally Install accessories

We at One Choice Detailing always strive to achieve 100% Customer Satisfaction! In a very rare circumstance, we may ship the wrong order to a customer (different from the order they placed) or even more uncommon, we may ship bulbs that are damaged or inoperable. In these extremely rare situations, an immediate return is granted. The customer must first contact our sales department. via email at onechoicedetailing@yahoo.com. We ask that the customer give a detailed description of the reason a return is necessary, as well as the customers contact information (phone number!). A sales representative will then contact the customer with detailed return instructions, as well as the return address, which is different than our shipping address. We send all returns to our warehouse inventory staff for bulb testing, this address will be given to the customer during the sales representative call back, after we receive the initial email from the customer. When a return is deemed necessary and acceptable, our staff will do everything possible to rectify the situation as expeditiously as possible. Please know that we DO NOT ship a 2nd pair of bulbs (or any items) until we have received the defective or wrong pair at our location. We understand this procedure can be frustrating for a customer with a burnt out headlight, but is necessary to protect us from fraudulent claims of defective products. All claims of defective (inoperable) bulbs, Kits or LED lights must first be tested before the replacement merchandise is shipped. All merchandise (bulbs etc.) is logged with a Digital picture and recording of serial number before shipping. This protects our company from fraudulent claims of defective products. We compare all returns with the “shipping pictures” taken on the day the item initially shipped.

Please understand that One Choice Detailing does not accept returns from customers “inadvertently” ordering the wrong item. It is the “customers” responsibility” to know or learn the type of HID Bulbs (as well as Conversion Kit etc.) there vehicle does or does not take BEFORE placing their order. One Choice Detailing does not accept responsibility for the type of bulbs or items that a customer orders. All sales are “Final.” Returns will also not be accepted for merchandise damaged during installation. Professional install is required for all One Choice Detailing merchandise!

*If bulbs are deemed defective at install, please include the name, location and business (contact phone number) of the Professional Installer in the initial return request email. Due to numerous past fraudulent claims, One Choice Detailing verifies all claims of defective items during install with the Business (Dealership etc.) that conducted the installation.

Returns are not granted for customers who simply change their mind after the sale is placed, However if a customer is not happy with the shade of bulb they selected, they can send an email to onechoicedetailing@yahoo.com explaining their situation. While the original bulbs will not be returned (once shipped, we can never re-sell merchandise) One Choice Detailing “may” issue a discount off an additional pair of bulbs.

Unfortunately our “Return Policy” has evolved over the years to a more rigid stance due to the numerous attempts at fraudulent claims. We realize the majority of our customers are honest and want them to understand, should we make an error and ship the wrong bulbs, or an item shipped is defective, we will do everything to quickly rectify the situation. Thank You!

We highly recommend professional installation. Problems you may encounter while installing the products if you are not familiar with doing so are blown fuses, hooking up connections backwards or improper installation of the bulb itself. Please make sure not to touch the HID bulb because the oil from your fingers can highly affect the lasting life of the bulb itself.

***Not ALL HID kits will work properly in every car. Some newer vehicles may require additional accessories and or modifications for the HID kit to function properly. You are responsible for all necessarily hardware/ modification part(s) and or additional accessories. OCD will only provide advice(s) and or opinion(s). OCD does not guaranty nor will be liable for any customer error(s)/ installation or modification(s) for HID's to function properly on vehicle(s). OCD recommends professional installation(s).

WARRANTY: HID/LED products come with a 30 day limited warranty on defective parts

  • Defective items are immediately replaced as long as we have it in stock.

  • 30 day limited warranty on defective parts

  • 25% off replacement parts for 1 year

  • We do not offer warranties for products purchased to install with other products that were not purchased through OCD.

  • DO NOT remove white tags on HID kits it will void warranty.

  • If you have a defective item please use process of elimination to figure out if it is a bad ballast or bulb. Next please cut the wires with a clear view of the full product along with any numbers or item code. We need the numbers on the white tag in the picture so please include them. We immediately swap out defective items as long as we have them in stock.


ALL authorized return merchandise must be unused / uninstalled and in its original packaging. We cannot re-sell used merchandise so we DO NOT accept returns or exchanges that show signs of having been installed, modified, mounted, scratched or defaced in any form.

  • No returns or refunds on ALL electrical products, exchange basis only.

  • 30% re-stocking/handling fee.

  • No returns accepted after 30 days of invoice.

  • OCD does not accept returns for ordering wrong parts or accessories. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to know what part or accessory is required for their vehicle.

  • We do not accept returns for merchandise damaged during installation. All products require professional installation.

  • All sales are final.

  • We do not accept returns for kits that may not work properly on certain vehicles, most of the time it is an underlying issue. It is your responsibility to research ahead of time to ensure you have all parts needed for proper installation. (we are happy to apply our knowledge to assist your questions)

  • Shipping charges are non-refundable.

  • OCD has the right to deny any returns, refunds or exchanges.

SPECIAL ORDERS / PRE ORDERS: *Special/Pre orders are NOT refundable

As for accessories that are special orders/pre-orders due to special colors or your specific needs we require deposits. Merchandise must be picked up within a 30-day period after we (OCD) receive your order and contact you. After that point the deposit is non-refundable due to handling.


One Choice Detailing has the right to change the prices for products or services at anytime without notice.


  • One Choice Detailing and its affiliates are not held liable for defective kits that may cause damage to the vehicle. Please make sure if you are installing that all components are properly installed.

  • OCD is not liable for improperly installed merchandise.


  • Blown Fuse

  • Switch around connection (might be plugged in backwards)

  • FLICKER - you may need digital ballasts, capacitors, or a relay harness.

  • Bi-Xenon kits may require the wire harness prongs to be switched (this is for the Lo and Hi beams to work properly)

  • Bi-Xenon: remove fuse from headlight that does not have a bulb or wire harness plugged into the vehicles wire harness.

  • Make sure everything is properly connected and hooked up correctly (consult the installation guide if applicable also YouTube and Google are very helpful)

  • LED's - If bulb does not turn on please turn the bulb 180 degrees and re-install

  • Note; We are happy to answer all troubleshooting questions you may have but we may not have all the answers because of the variety of situations that may arise from different vehicles.

Please make sure you take these troubleshooting steps to eliminate the fact of a bulb or ballast being defective. We are always more than happy to take a look for you ourselves, but if we come across it being one of these issues and not a defective product we have to charge for our time in figuring out the problem.

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